Pre-Litigation Program

Helping You Maintain Your Focus


In today's litigious climate, every organization faces increasingly complex and challenging legal issues, all while trying to conduct basic day-to-day operations. In addition, due to the complexity of laws and court rulings, it is very expensive and time consuming to stay apprised of the changes and updates in the laws that could potentially impact the organization. Dealing with these difficult issues takes resources and time away from the main focus and mission of the organization.

Our Pre-Litigation Program is designed to provide technical assistance as legal issues arise and to assist leaders as they work through difficult problems. Our goal is to help minimize legal expenses and to increase the likelihood of the desired outcome in any subsequent claim or administrative hearing process. The Pre-Litigation Program provides you the opportunity to consult with experienced professionals that can offer a calm voice of reassurance and direction at no additional cost to your organization.



Providing Direction


The Pre-Litigation Program provides assistance at the onset of and throughout any issues related to the operation of your organization that could ultimately result in liability covered under your insurance policy. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Professional analysis of personnel manuals, policies and procedures, and evaluation processes and forms
  • Assistance in conducting investigations
  • Interpretation of labor contracts
  • Providing recommendations to assist the organization through personnel issues, including performance evaluations, probation, discipline, or termination of employees



Taking the Right Step


We provide a wide variety of pre-litigation approaches, each of which is designed to meet your organization's specific needs. The following are general steps of the pre-litigation process:


  • Utilize alternative risk management services where needed, which include Educational Services and Loss Control
  • Meet with Pre-Litigation Program consultant to review at the onset of the issue
  • Review policies and supporting documents relative to the issue with a program consultant
  • Review a detailed outline of the organization's actions to date with a Pre-Litigation Program consultant
  • Review procedures and legal requirements with a Pre-Litigation Program consultant


The Pre-Litigation Team works jointly with your legal counsel to develop a plan of action to resolve the issue.






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