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At Clear Risk Solutions, we specialize in the formation and management of group insurance programs for public and nonprofit entities. Our experience in forming and administering insurance programs dates back to 1985.

What is an insurance group program?


An insurance group is a limited purpose insurance option which is specifically created with the intention of transferring risks originating from one group to a larger group. Forming or participating in an insurance group is a type of alternative risk transfer technique that provides options beyond the conventional insurance market.


Why form an insurance group?


One of the main reasons to form an insurance group is to give you and your organization greater control. Many traditional insurance methods are not delivering acceptable results to groups with regard to coverage, cost, capability and service. By forming or joining an insurance group, organizations have better control in how their insurance needs are being met.


In comparison to the traditional insurance techniques, insurance group programs provide:


  • More buying power in today's volatile insurance market
  • Better stability with heavy and increasing premium costs
  • Increased predictability and manageability of losses
  • Rating structures that reflect market trends


Why Clear Risk Solutions?


The economic problems facing the global community have had a negative impact on many industries, including the traditional insurance market. Over a quarter century ago, when the insurance industry was facing similar problems, we began helping many of our group members. The excessive cost and poor levels of coverage being offered to these entities were not practical solutions that they needed. We worked with these organizations and set up various groups that consisted of entities with a similar nature. This strategy has provided the founding members, and the hundreds of subsequent members, an affordable insurance option.


Creating a group insurance program as an alternative risk management strategy is widely used by many large companies around the world. However, many small and medium sized businesses have viewed the option as either too costly or time consuming to pursue. Clear Risk Solutions provides the knowledge and experience needed to form and administer your insurance group program so that you can focus on what really matters, your organization's mission.







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